Where to eat in Dublin

Last weekend I went to Ireland with my friends and I was extremely excited to have Guinness beer and Jameson whiskey in their home country. I was sure the drinks were going to be the highlight of the trip, but little did I know delicious the food was!!
Tasting different dishes turned out to be the favourited activity and one of the most delicious foodie trips I’ve ever had!

Every dish kept getting better – all with rich flavours and high-quality ingredients. And it wasn’t just authentic dishes that the Irish perfected, even international foods like burgers and toasts were also top notch.

Here are all the delicious places I tasted this weekend:

1. SoMa – Brunch and Burgers
This cute restaurant is full of delicious dishes perfect for brunch. Complete with burgers, avocado toast, club sandwiches, juices, milkshakes and fresh coffee. 
One of their locations is right in front of the Spire monument, at the centre of the city, a great place to watch the street life.

I had the delicious avocado toast with poached egg and grilled potatoes.

2. Leo Burdocks Fish & Chips

This Irish restaurant chain has been serving fresh fish and chips since 1913. It has become a favourite by locals and highly recommended to anyone who’s craving a classic fish and chips.

The reason for their popularity is that fresh fish are cooked on coal-fired pans that give that special taste. The fries are perfectly done and the cod is also equally perfect cooked inside and crispy on the outside.

3. Bunsen – Straight Up Burgers

In all seriousness, this is the BEST BURGER I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. And trust me I’ve had a loot of burgers in search for the best burger and no ground beef has ever come close to this flavourful and crispy burger. 

Their success is expected from a joint that has dedicated to only specialising in burgers and fries. Visitors get to choose exactly what they want in their burger from a business card-sized menu and three different types of crunchy fries (including sweet potato fries!!).

If you have to pick between one of these restaurants to visit, this is definitely the one. 

4. O’Neills

This historical bar/restaurant/lounge/pub is over 300-years-old and is the perfect place to spend a typical Irish afternoon where you can have a delicious homemade dinner and have drinks all in one huge place!

Every nook and cranny (Irish slang for part of a place) is beautifully decorated creating a cosy atmosphere local beers and whiskey. When hunger strikes, head over to the restaurant where all the traditional food is cooked there. If you are in the mood for something lighter after all the beers, there is also a fresh salad bar right next to the restaurant. 

5. Third Space

This authentic Irish breakfast chain cafe is located in several locations of the city where you can taste the traditional all Irish breakfast in two different sizes – the large (hungover and hangry) and normal size.
The interior of this place makes you feel at home with big windows to let the sunshine in and books and tables everywhere.

The brewed coffee was also delicious and if you don’t have time to stay, you can also take it to go!

6. The Seafood Cafe by Niall Sabongi

This fresh seafood restaurant has won the 2018 and 2019 Irish restaurant award for its rich and fresh dishes and quality of ingredients.

The place is quite small, which could make it hard to find a spot (so make sure to book your spot as soon as you read this), but it also creates a cosy atmosphere and it gives you the perfect angles to watch the magic in the open kitchen happen.

I had the local oysters as appetizer then the fish taco and the clam chowder as main dishes. All incredibly delicious!

Overall, this foodie trip to Dublin was one of the best and most successful food trips I’ve ever had. Not a single bad or meh dish. Even the sandwiches I bought at the Guinness museum and at the airport were delicious!

Note: Although every dish was delightful, the prices were not as much. Judging from the cheap flight and hotel prices, I assumed the food prices wouldn’t be too far off. Although, everything was completely worth it for the quality and quantity of every food.


Chelsea may be known for its famous football team and Fashion Week location, but little do most people know how beautiful and entertaining the area can also be. Last week I was in London and the city was in a lovely Autumn mood, which is my favorite season. With the color pink and floral arrangements all around. I am not a very big fan of the color but I couldn’t help falling in love with the scenery. Especially in Chelsea, where every neighbourhood and street was filled with beautiful flower arrangements and pastel colors. Walking around Sloane Street, you can find fashionable and antique stores that contribute to the theme of the city with their Victorian architecture. But it wasn’t only the outdoors that were inspired by the seasonal theme, the Saatchi Gallery is also a unique entertainment to check out during this time of the year. Where the founder, Charles Saatchi exhibits contemporary artwork by new artists from around the world. Surrounded by autumn colors, the gallery is the best place to stay inside, during the colder days.

As for a delicious drink, The Ivy restaurant was the best place to enjoy an afternoon tea, while watching the seasons change at their romantic and all-so flowery alfresco courtyard. There you can try the Ivy Garden Royale, their signature drink with rose liqueur. The restaurant makes a normal afternoon become fascinating. The restaurants and bars are always full all week and weekend long, so a reservation is highly recommended. Londoners love being out an being social, so it’s very likely that you will make friends in any place. During this delicious period, bartenders usually suggest cocktails with flower fragrances, that make you taste the sweetness of the season.

Chelsea pode ser conhecida por seu time de futebol ou por ser a localização do Fashion week, mas poucos sabem como a área é divertida e graciosa. Semana passada eu estava em Londres, toda a cidade estava em um clima adorável de outono, que é a minha estação favorita. A cor rosa e a decoração floral estavam em evidencia. Eu não sou a maior fã da cor rosa, mas não resisti ao seus charmosos encantos. Especialmente em Chelsea, onde cada rua e vizinhança estavam cheias de arranjos florais e cores pasteis. Enquanto passeia pela rua Sloane, você pode encontrar várias lojas elegantes que fazem a cara da cidade, por causa de sua arquitetura Vitoriana. Mas não era só os lugares ao ar livre que se inspiraram no tema sazonal, a Galeria Saatchi também e um lugar incomparável para você conferir durante essa época. Onde o fundador, Charles Saatchi, exibe arte contemporânea de artistas novos do mundo todo. Rodeado de cores de outono, a galeria e o melhor lugar interno para passar tempo nos dias mais frios.

Sobre uma bebida deliciosa, o restaurante The Ivy é o lugar para tomar um chá da tarde, enquanto assiste as estações mudando ao seu todo-florido pátio ao ar livre. Lá se pode experimentar o Ivy Garden Royale, uma de suas bebidas de assinatura que contém licor de rosas. Simplesmente o The Ivy faz uma tarde comum se transformar numa tarde fascinante. Restaurantes e bares da capital estão sempre cheios então fazer uma reserva e altamente recomendado. Os Londrinos amam sair e ser social que provavelmente você fará amigos em qualquer lugar. Nessa época tão doce do ano os bares geralmente o bartender sugere bebidas com fragrâncias de flores, eu diria que é uma experiência mais do que agradável que te fazer sentir intensamente o gosto dessa doce e suave estação.


One of my favourite places in Stockholm is Östermalm, which is not as popular as other places like Gamla Stan, but it is just as beautiful. An area full of medieval history and an interesting twist of colours. It’s the home to traditional Swedish indoor and outdoor food markets, Saluhall, beautiful buildings and canals. The streets are filled with houses with a traditional style, giving an insight into how Stockholmers live. It makes you instantly want to have fika, which is the Swedish word for afternoon tea when a cup of coffee and a bun are always welcome.

The Swedish bun is not like your typical bun. It has its own unique ingredients, the beloved cinnamon, and during Santa Lucia, the bullar becomes even more unique because it is made with saffron.

A trip to Östermalm is the best way to spend a relaxed afternoon.

Um dos meus lugares favoritos em Estocolmo é Östermalm, que não e tão famoso quanto Gamla Stan, mais é igualmente lindo. Uma área cheia de história medieval com um toque de cores. É casa do tradicional mercado sueco, Saluhall, prédios lindos e canais. As ruas são cheias de casas tradicionais, dando uma visão de como os holmienses vivem. Instantaneamente faz você querer ter fika, que é sueco para café da tarde, quando um copo de café preto e um bolinho de canela são sempre bem vindos.

O bolinho nāo é o como seu bolinho típico. É feito com ingredientes especiais, a amada canela, e durante Santa Lucia o bolinho é mais especial ainda porque e feito com açafrão.

Um passeio em Östermalm é a melhor maneira de passar uma tarde relaxante.

Uno de mis lugares favoritos en Estocolmo es Östermalm, que no es tan popular como otros lugares como Gamla Stan, pero es igualmente hermoso. Un área llena de historia medieval con un interesante giro de colores. Es la casa de los tradicionales mercados suecos y canales. Las calles tienes muchas casas de estilo tradicional, dando una idea de cómo viven los suecos. Hace que te viene un fuertísimo deseo de fika, que es la palabra sueca para el afternoon tea, cuando una taza de café y un bollo son siempre bienvenidos. El bollo sueco no es como su típico bollo. Tiene sus ingredientes únicos, la canela querida, y durante Santa Lucía el bullar se vuelve aún más único porque está hecho con azafrán.

Un viaje a Östermalm es la mejor manera de pasar una tarde relajada.