FREE Museum Destinations in Europe

Not many people place the words travel and education in the same category since travelling is usually associated with relaxation, but it is just a matter of finding a museum that suits you. It’s even more enjoyable when you can see legitimate evidence right in front of you and most importantly, all free!

From art to history museums, go watch your school textbooks come to life and make your own interpretations of what’s right in front of you without having to spend a dime.


The historical British capital is home to numerous gratuitous museums. With impressive and extravagant collections from the nation and from across the globe. Including one-of-a-kind pieces such as the Rosetta Stone, the Cat Mummies, Hoa Hakananai’a Moai Statue and many othersatthe British Museum.

London museums usually take Mondays off, so make sure to plan your museum visits accordingly.


Paris shouldn’t just be a romantic destination for couples but also for young adults under the age of 25, since they can enter majority of the museums in the city for free. If this wasn’t motivation enough to visit the beautiful British capital, Paris also has an abundant selection of some of the most beautiful (and expensive) art pieces in the world. Which include pieces by French artists such as Geourges Braque, Henri Matisse and Édouard Vuillard.


No free museum list would be complete without the ultimate outdoor museum city in the world. Just by strolling through the streets of Rome you will bump into ruins, statues, monuments, buildings, churches and of course, museums older than any person in the city. If you are a history admirer, make sure to visit this Roman capital and its beautiful museums.


Spain is home to magnificent artists such as Titian, Velasquez, Goya, El Greco and many others, which also makes this European city an acclaimed art destination. With collections that are over two hundred years old, along with private pieces donated by the Spanish monarchy from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.


As one of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is full of timeless museums. Along with fascinating museums, the Portuguese capital also includes historical architectural landmarks such as the Torre de Belém. A masterpiece that combines the architectural styles, Gothic and Romanesque.

Solo Weekend Tips: London Edition

Some people may think travelling solo might be boring and lonely. When it’s actually a “do-whatever-you-want-trip”. Picking every place you go, every food you want to eat and where to stay without any negotiation needed. If you are on your way somewhere and half way you decide not to go anymore, you can just turn around and go somewhere else! It’s that easy.

A few years ago I was supposed to go to London with a friend of mine but there was a miss communication and I ended up going alone. At first, I was quite scared to go to a completely new country on my own. Until I was out in the streets calling all the shots and going to all the places I wanted to go to.

So here’s a guide on things I’ve learned when travelling by myself.

Getting around

  • When travelling on your own in a big city, I would recommend booking a hop-on-hop-off bus. It will take you to all the main attractions while you sit at a double-decker bus with a guide and Wi-Fi. Can’t get any better than that. Whenever you want to get off to explore an area more, you can definitely do so and then grab the next bus. Plus, there is always a single seat available and some packages include a boat trip to the Shakespeare museum which is incredible.

  • If you like finding your own way amongst the locals, I highly recommend getting a public transportation card. In London, I purchased the Oyster Card for the 4 days (£30) I stayed at the city. It is 50% cheaper than buying a single ticket every time you take the tube and get special offers at shops and entertainment venues.

  • Travelling to London as a solo trip is a lot easier in regards to language barrier since the main language is English, but when you travel to a country where you are not familiar with the language is important to learn useful phrases.

Perks: Extra sleeping time because you already have the whole day planned without any altercations. Have the whole hotel room to yourself to efficiently get ready.


I would highly recommend staying at a hotel instead of an Airbnb or a hostel if you are on your own…especially if you are a girl. Not saying anything can happen, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You will end up paying for the room yourself, but it is a small price to pay when you get:

  • Late hours front desk and reception– Who can help you with whatever you need.

  • Security– I stayed at the London Edition hotel which also has security at the entrance due to the popular restaurant and bar inside the hotel. Again, not saying something could happen but it definitely made me feel safer.

  • Centralised location– The hotel I stayed at was also very close to Oxford Street and it’s parallel man streets which made it a lot easier to find transportation back and to always be nearby the hotel.

Perk: Who doesn’t love staying at a fancy hotel?


There are several ways to get delicious meals without needing to go to a restaurant.

  • Adding a breakfast buffet to your hotel booking so you can have a big breakfast. Later on, if you are hungry, just grab something small on your coffee break.

  • Like a sandwich that you can eat outdoors at a park or around the London Eye. They usually have street performances and sponsored booths to entertain you while you eat.

  • Most restaurants have takeaway so you definitely don’t have to survive on supermarket food just because you don’t want to go to a restaurant. So on your way home, make sure to keep an eye on the restaurants nearby.

  • If you can’t be bothered to leave the hotel for a meal, there is always room service and hotel restaurants.

  • In case you do want to go to a restaurant, Nac in Mayfair is a beautiful modern restaurant with delicious brunch dishes. Their truffled mac & cheese is incredible.

  • Having several taste-testings at London’s numerous street food markets is also a great way to eat out. You get to try different dishes while exploring the city at the same time.

Perk: You can eat anything you want without feeling guilty, nobody will ever know!