How to Country Hop Within Europe

Europe is a vast continent full of individually beautiful countries. Each with it’s own unique culture, cuisine, nature, history and language, which makes it the perfect continent to hop from country to country. Although each country is rich with diversity, they are also quite small compared to ones in other continents. Meaning that in some places, if you drive towards the same direction, you will arrive in another country! For example, the distance between the two capitals, Vienna and Bratislava is around 55km (1.25 hours with Flixbus). In order not to miss any incredible spots such as villages, castles and canals, the best way to travel around is with trains and busses.

The main perk of travelling with a buss is due to the late departures and early arrivals with a full day ahead to explore. You can skip a night at a hotel and get a good night of sleep without missing anything.


Flixbus is probably the most popular bus company in Europe and it has become so big that it has even expended to the USA and other countries around the world. Definitely due to their cheap prices (as low as 5), departing schedules, safety and multi booking. Not to mention that they travel to almost every capital city in Europe.

This French company is without a doubt the best way to travel within the country and to other capitals such as Geneva, London and Amsterdam.


One of the oldest companies in Europe, founded in 1985 and from Brussels, Eurolines has had plenty of time to master their destinations and today they have up to 600 destinations.


Trains are a more luxurious and business-friendly version for those who need to work on the go. This transportation includes more space, tables, separe price classes, wifi and even food. They much faster, pricier, but definitely more comfortable.

What makes this Dutch company so incredible is that not only do they travel to 30 destinations along with other train companies using just one pass. If you are planning on exploring all the central countries in a month, you can book your Interrail pass and spontaneously hop from a country to the next without having to buy a ticket every time.


Although Rail Europe is not actually European, booking with them comes with perks. For instance, you can book tickets with your preferred currency and travel with over 50 companies.